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Young Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (YSEA) is a young organization in the Eindhoven region that enables expats to create sustainable development back home. We welcome any young talent who wants to develop a sustainability oriented idea. YSEA has the purpose of accelerating the creation of sustainability prosperity among countries and at the same time, benefiting the different organizations involved.

We leverage on the technlogical competences and market opportunities of the selected countries (The Netherlands, Afghanistan and Mexico).



 We are here to “enable young talent to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions

to bring something back to their countries of origin”


 YSEA aims to create a circular brain gain between “developed” and “emerging” countries.



Our motto is to bring more equity to this world. Our starting point is to build strong relationships with our partners and customers based on trust and transparency. We need each other to make a step forward.

We also believe that a better world can be created by combining innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. These are the principles that light our daily work.



Yama Saraj

Initiator, founder and business developer

Yama is an Afghan and Dutch professional. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and Master in Strategic management. He has been working in development assistance in countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo and DR Congo. He founds his passion for entrepreneurship and its importance and relevance for sustainable development. Due to his broad background and interests he has not only developed strong analytical skills but also social and communication skills. He enjoys being in a fast-paced environment and solve complex problems together. He is aware of various roles in organizations and he tries to practice principles of servant leadership.

His interests are in diaspora mobilization for sustainable development, he loves to get involved in initiatives surrounding technology for development & social entrepreneurship

Mayra Ortega-Maldonado

Founder, managing partner and business coach

Mayra is a Mexican and Ducth professional with a chemical and environmental engineering background (BSc, MSc) and she just finalized a MBA program focusing on strategy, innovation, and new business development. She is a sustainable business consultant and expert with strong analytical and critical thinking skills. She has worked as process and development engineer in countries like China. She has also experience as business development officer for emerging markets where she learned that empowerment can change people’s life. Mayra has a holistic experience which allows her to effectively work and communicate in international environments and across multiple disciplines.

Her interest is combining entrepreneurial and innovative ideas with digital technology for a social purpose

Karina Garcia del Real

Communication partner 

Karina is a Mexican and American professional living in the Netherlands. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropogy at the University of California, Berkeley and a Master’s in Anthropology and Development Studies (University of Nijmegen, Radboud). Karina has experience in qualitative research and data collection with a focus on gender perspective. She has worked with English/Spanish non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area; where she was in charge of Program Evaluation, Project Management and Case Management. Her interest is the promotion of culturally sensitive and sustainable development projects. She enjoys organizing events and helping fostering of culturally sensitive and sustainable development projects, international communication, organization of events and marketing.

Currently she is marketing assistant at Holland Innovative and a key supportive member of YSEA

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