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Young Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (YSEA) is a cutting-edge and ‘fast-to-react’ platform that delivers knowledge and practical solutions for start-ups.

Our YSEA platform is focused on diaspora (expats) located in the Netherlands and we also welcome young Dutch people who has entrepreneurial ideas and want to contribute with the development of an emerging markets economies. At YSEA these young talents can find the inspiration, instruments, and access to resources to develop their ideas.

We are partnering with strong institutions like universities (TU/e, University of Tilburg), governmental organizations (Municipality of Eindhoven), embassies, companies (HighTechXL, Value Loops), financial institutions and NGO’s (Red de Talentos Mexicanos) to enhance our approach.


YSEA has linked the expertise of our partners with the current and future opportunities of two markets: Mexico and Afghanistan.

In the near future, we have expectations of expanding our organization to other countries like India and Brazil.

We focus on four technology areas:

We believe these areas are pillars for the equal socio-economic development of all countries.

We support those innovative solutions that solve a societal problem, create jobs, generate profits and are environmentally fit and sustainable in the region where they will be implemented.

Moreover, we are involved throughout the process: from idea to implementation. This guarantees open communication with all partners involved and we also pursue that when developing initiatives, all partners involved in the supply chain will benefit.


YSEA offers an ecosystem where empathy, social purpose, business, and knowledge positively reinforce each other for the good of young talents and the selected emerging economies. Through the platform or ecosystem different they will learn from one another and find the necessary resources to make innovative ideas flourish.


 YSEA offers specific services that can make great ideas flourish. We support young talents to mature their idea by developing the product or service and business plan. We support them until they run profitable business in many locations.

Our services focus on three areas:


Coaching and mentoring along the company life cycle. Specific products are: market research, business modelling and business plan development.


Giving access to recognized research and development institutions and design academies for product development.


Giving access to all kind of resources: financial, human, production capacity, to make your organization grow.


Saffron project. Edwin Hauwert is an enthusiastic economist (BSc, MSc) who has just started developing a business plan around Saffran. This product is harvest in Afghanistan and transported to the Netherlands. With this project, Edwin aims to contribute with the socio-economic development of afghans farmers and to develop a valuable proposition for the Dutch market. At this stage (February, 2018), we are supporting Edwin with the development of the value proposition (as part of the business model).

3D printing for healthcare purposes. This is an idea concept that is starting to be developed in Afghanistan by two young entrepreneurs. Due to the unrested socio-political situation in Afghanistan, some people have lost part of their body on the war. A special type of 3D printing technology can be the solution to create a prosthesis limb. We are mentoring the team in Afghanistan, who is developing the initial idea.

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