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Many talented expats live and work in developed countries like the Netherlands because educational systems and job opportunities in their countries of origin do not contribute adequately to their personal and professional development or aspiration.

We have observed and experienced that if expats identify an entrepreneurial opportunity that can be exploited in their countries of origin, they do not easily find enough resources in the Netherlands (e.g. financial, legal or business support) to further develop it.

Our YSEA platform is focused on diaspora located in the Netherlands and young Dutch people who has entrepreneurial ideas and want to contribute with the development of an emerging country. At YSEA they can find the inspiration, instruments, and access to resources to development their ideas.


We believe that innovative social-oriented entrepreneurship (and not charity) is key for human prosperity of all countries.


We aim to support entrepreneurships that solve a problem in developing or emerging countries in an entrepreneurial way through the job creation and the transfer of knowledge.

This idea is not new… worldwide there are many studies(a) and best practices using this principle, like:

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