Saffron from Afghanistan


Afghan Saffron has been widely celebrated as an export product to empower Afghan farmers and give an alternative to poppy cultivation. The Saffron from Afghanistan has been recognized for it’s quality. link

Yet Afghan farmers do not have direct access to western markets, nor do they have extensive marketing know how . Currently, we are researching possibilities to develop a fair trade brand around Afghan Saffron with an emphasis to develop local capacity and provide especially women to leverage on the potential of this expensive herb.



During a matchmaking event organised by Samen voor Eindhoven at High-Tech Campus Eindhoven, former alderman Jakob Wedemeijer recognized the importance of developing markets with the global south, not only from a humanitarian perspective but also from market-driven incentives.   He acknowledged that Afghan Saffron is a highly desired herb needed for western markets, as it is known for it’s positive health benefits and use in various cuisines. Another argument for the promotion of saffron production in Afghanistan is to counter the narco driven economy of insurgents and provide especially women means to participate in the socio-economic fabric of this conservative society.

foto credits: courtesy of Samen for Eindhoven foundation