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Young Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (YSEA) is a platform in the Eindhoven region that has the purpose of accelerating the creation of sustainability prosperity among countries.  YSEA supports those innovative initiatives that solve a societal problem, create jobs, generate profits and are environmentally fit in the region where they are being implemented.


YSEA aims to create a circular brain gain between “developed” and “emerging” economies.


Our motto is to bring more equity to this world. We believe that a better world can be created by combining innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. These are the principles that light our daily work.


YSEA has started linked opportunities between the Netherlands, Afghanistan and Mexico. 

And as starting point, it focuses on four technology areas:

Energy             Health Care            Water            Agriculture     

Why these areas? We believe they are pillars for the equal socio-economic development of all countries.

Social entrepreneurship can change societies. We support entrepreneurs since the idea creation stage until running a profitable business.

We offer them three main services:

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  • Hackaton. The event will be in HTC-Eindhoven on September 21, 22 and 23, 2018. Read more.
  • Maker Fair, Eindhoven. 29 and 30, September 2018. Read more.

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